Tuesday, 28 April 2009


A while ago I posted this photo of a plant that they eat here and asked if you knew what it was.


It is  papoulis and it is eaten uncooked in vinegar and salt. Lovely. Sorry about this photo, its a bit blurry



This is my Zig-zag cushion finished. 


And this is what it looks like sewn up


This is the back. I might put a small flower in the centre just to finish it off.


I decided to put this lovely crochet rose on the front.


Remember the walnut tree?  If you look at the centre of the photo you can see the tiny walnuts forming. The lovely bronze tinge that the young leaves had is disappearing.


And this is a week on. Just look at the nuts growing. I do like walnuts but this tree is so big in our small garden.


See it's massive.


Lynn said...

Your walnut tree should meet my fig tree equally massive! And we had it cut back last year!!! It would be swallowing our house had I not done that I guess.

Your crochet work is indeed lovely and I LOVE the yellow rose! And the red twisted parts just under it.

easygardener said...

I wonder what the Latin name for papoulis is. Interesting that it's eaten uncooked.
I think the flower provides just the right finishing touch to your cushion!

Jude said...

I'm going to start a petition....'don't chop the walnut tree down in Vrissis'

Jenny said...

Love the crochet cushion Judith, would love to know how to do that pattern - and the rose! Also love the tree - please don't chop it down!!!!

Judith said...

Jude: The tree needs something doing to it. Maybe a serious cut back later in the year, but I think its killing my two lemons. The wood would burn nice on our fire!!! We will see.
Lynn: I fancy a fig but it will have to be in a big big pot.
Easygardener: I will try to find out what its latin name is.

Yannis said...

I think the name should be "Papoules", with "e" as in "egg".

"Papoulis" means grandfather in Greek and I have never heard of any greens with this name.

Chris said...

What a wonderful cushion! I miss our walnut tree. We used to gather the fallen nuts for the squirrels so we could watch them play in the mornings while we ate breakfast

Judith said...

Jenny: will give you instructions on how to do this pattern when you come over. It is easy.
Yannis: Now I am confused. Will ask again at the cafenion next time we go.
Thanks Chris, I am pleased with my cushion too. The walnut tree is rather large for our small garden. I fruits well but think it might have to shrink abit.

Olive Oyl said...

It is Papoules, west of Rethymno they call it Psares, part of the pea family. Just oil and salt for me, yum.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Wow, Judith - your crochet is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing about my Shabby Roses BOM giveaway!

FeatherDuster said...

I would never have guessed that the flat zigzag piece would end making that. What a neat trick.

Judith said...

Thanks to everyone how left a comment, they are very much appreciated. THANKS.

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