Saturday, 18 April 2009

Flowers Around the Village of Vrisses


I like to take my camera with me when taking Lucky for her walks as you never know what you may come across. Like this beautiful flower. I have never seen one of these before, have you?SV202362

It turns out to be a member of the Muscari family (Grape Hyacinth)


This small Cyclamen was tucked away against a stone wall, I nearly missed it.



This Poppy, well look at the vivid colour, just lovely.



Then there is this Wisteria, just growing amongst another bush.


Not sure of the name of these. They close up in the evening and open again in the sunshine. So pretty.



These Figs are doing well. Have you ever tasted a fig straight off the tree. Gorgeous, but beware don't eat too many.


Same Fig tree but look what is growing amongst it. These Arum Lilies are so lovely.


And this lovely wild Dog Rose.

I find new things everyday. The locals must wonder what I am doing with a camera in my hand all the time but I am frightened that I miss something. Wouldn't you be?


FeatherDuster said...

Those are so pretty. Were they in peoples' yards, or just out in the open?

Judith said...

Just out in the open. Most of them are wild flowers apart from the wisteria which was hanging over someones wall

Jude said...

You've been tagged .............ha ha!

easygardener said...

I like the Muscari - it looks like it's having a bad hair day!

maggi said...

The photographs are just stunning. I agree there is nothing like the taste of a fig straight from the tree. It was over twenty years ago that I tried one but you brought the reminder of the taste straight back - thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think the flowers shown beneath the Wisteria photo are called Goatsbeard in English, tragopogon in Latin. They are lovely, aren't they?

Thank you for the photos' - I enjoy your blog & just wish you'd write more about your life there.

Judith said...

Hi Dan, I will see what I can do.

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