Saturday, 13 June 2009

Garden news


Well its been a while since I mentioned my garden.  Things have been growing well. I have beans, courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.


This is my aubergine. I didn't grow it from seed, bought it from a plant shop in Neapoli.



I also bought these tomato plants.  They are growing funny, only one tomato seems to be growing on a truss. Not quite sure why that is.


Some very yummy strawberries.


Some lovely beans growing up some branches. Didn't have any canes, but they are not bothered. they will use anything.


Some bell peppers


These are summer squash.


A patty pan squash. I grew the yellow one last year and used it like courgettes. Below are my courgette plants. Two different varieties.



Got to mention these again.


The walnuts are still growing strong. Think we will have a good harvest.

So all in all everything is growing well and I am looking forward to eating our own veggies again. There is something about home-grown food. It tastes better and you know what went into it. No pesticides to worry about.


3anklebiters said...

beautiful garden!

maggi said...

A veritable feast awaits you.

Jenny said...

Its all looking good - so much more ahead of here!

easytravel said...

beautiful plant. I think you like gardening. Thanks for share with us. See you on my blog also. I'll wait your coming

Janet said...

Wow! Everything looks great. You must have a green thumb.

easygardener said...

Your veg are looking good though it is odd about the tomatoes - perhaps you have discovered a new variety!

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