Friday, 12 June 2009

Not one but TWO beautiful little girls

Today I had my first ever hold of twins.


This is me with Zephie and Aura. Just 4 weeks old. They are so cute.


This is Zephie, she didn't want to wake up.


And this is Aura saying no photos please.

They belong to my boss, Marco and Carissa.

Will definitely be going back for another cuddle.


Lynn said...

I know their joy. Our twins were born five years ago in Sept. premature...long stint in the nickyu but grew up normal and healthy and smart and beautiful!
their grandma says so! We got a boy and a girl! I remember my first time holding both too. I'll never forget the joy...the joy continues btw.

Lynn said...

How are the babies doing?
You haven't posted in a while.
Hope all is well.

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