Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Newsflash 1


Sandy has made it through another hibernation. I am always worried about him when he goes to sleep for the winter. He went to sleep about the end of October and as the weather has been really warm it has roused him from his sleep. He still hasn’t ventured out yet so he will probably doze for a few more weeks yet.

Newsflash 2

I now have a permanent step into the courtyard now.SV203064



It’s so much better than the wooden thing I used to have.


Lynn said...

Happy new step and sweet turtle sleeping.

3anklebiters said...

Sandy is adorable. I hope he is well rested.

Graham said...

Ian's been busy i see, or has he fell over coming back home drunk on the old block step?

Get some of sandys favorite foods down, sprinkle some calcium powder on them as well, it do him good, and bet you he's starving.

oh and move the plant pots you know what hes like when hes walking around.

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