Friday, 14 May 2010

In answer to Mary’s Comment.


When I first started this quilt my children were very young and it was going to be a cot quilt. however as it took me so long to do my children grew so it progresses to a single quilt. Then it went onto become a double quilt and then it was put away for a lot of years.

We then packed up home and left for Crete. Me taking along my quilt, however now we have a king-sized bed, so it had to grow accordingly. If you look at the photos you can see the various stages.


This is the centre and the cot size


The blue band takes it to single bed size


The flowers take it to double bed size


And finally the double blue takes it to king –size.

This is what I sat doing last night.


Taking out loads of tacking and papers. Some of these papers have been in the quilt for donkey years.




Jenny said...

You did well Judith, I'm very impressed with your staying power! I would never have had the patience to keep at it for so long! I do hope you enjoy sleeping under it after all that work.

Mary said...

And it's a much more interesting quilt than had you stopped at any of the stages!

maggi said...

Thanks for sharing the history of this quilt. Did you spend time reminiscing over what was on any of the papers?

Gloria J W said...

Great stuff Judith... I too have some projects well over their finish date. Isn't it fun to trace the progress of your quilt. Thank you for sharing. Cheers Gloria

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