Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yes! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m skipping and dancing and clapping. Can you guess what for????????????????????????????????

Yes, after 35 long years I have finished my hexagon quilt top. Just need the wadding and backing attached and its all done. How long do you think that is going to take? Are we taking bets on this?


Lucky has claimed her place on the quilt as she always does.

I have quite a few hexagons left over and I can’t let these go to waste so I have an idea. Will tell you all about that at a later date when I have my quilt all done and dusted so to speak.



Anyway must go and admire my lovely hexie quilt now. You know cuddle it and stroke it and run my eyes over it.





Lady Hopwood said...

Well done!

solomi558 said...

I have done several hex quilts , I have one on the go at present , the papers are only 7,8ths across the widest part that makes the sides 1/2 inch . I,ll take a photo and put it on my blog tonight .
If you scroll down old blogs of mine you will find hex quilts .------cottonreel

Valentina said...

Oh, Judith Congratulations!!!
What a fantastic accomplishment: well DONE!

chris, milatos said...

You better have something good, lined up for when we all meet up again. It will not be the same at our meetings without your quilt covering your knees.
Well done, you must be feeling really chuffed.x

FeatherDuster said...

No wonder it took 35's huge!!! :O ;) Looks great. Get it done and enjoy!

soggibottom said...

My word Judith you have staying power. Some could have gone through at least five husbands :-)
Very, very well done.
No the five husband thing isn't me by the way. But I once started a quilt very similar.

It got dumped, just like husbands I suppose :-)
Not mine I add

Jenny said...

Well done Judith, I wouldn't let the dog sleep on it though, not after all that hard work!!!

Mary said...

I just love this! Am I seeing that the center is more random and the border has the hexagons arranged in flowers?

maggi said...

Congratulations, it looks gorgeous.

Jude said...

Hmm, batting and backing? another 6 months?? hehe

Lynn said...

What a precious photo. Right in the middle! Love it.
And the quilt is delcious! So well done. Bravo for completing it.

Chris said...

Congratulations Judith on a beautiful accomplishment. Your quilt is gorgeous!

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