Wednesday, 5 May 2010

When we went visiting.

We called into see John today to return his drill that we borrowed. Here are John and Ian relaxing in the shade as it is so hot just now. John’s relaxed  so much he has his eyes shut. He told Jenny he was coming over to work on some jobs in and around their house.
There are loads of geraniums growing alongside of the path coming from Jenny's house
A lovely arched entrance
Kind of a steep path but it’s ok going down.  However it’s good exercise going up. It really does make you fit……………………… to drop.

and rampant grape vines.
A nice colourful entrance.
This is the same village that  Jude lives in. It’s much bigger than ours.


chris, milatos said...

Lovely photo's The vine looks really healthy. Lots of wine maybe

Missed you Sunday

Jude said...

Yes, we're hoping to make loads of wine this year...
They do look very relaxed don't they???
but I know they've been working...

Lynn said...

What a beautiful paradise you have chosen to live in. Did you know Jude before you moved to Crete?

FeatherDuster said...

Such pretty geraniums! :)

Jenny said...

John looks very brown, too much lying in the sun I fear!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for linking to my blog Judith but the link doesn't appear to work...

Judith said...

Sorry Jenny, But it is fixed now after the third attempt.

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