Friday, 21 January 2011

The Little Bear has Settled in to His New Home

I don't know about you but I have entered loads of giveaways on other peoples blogs and never won a thing. Well my luck changed in December when I won a giveaway on Soggibottoms blog.
Well he arrived here on Saturday after a long journey from England.

He had a good journey as he was nicely snuggled in a comfy box.

Getting used to his outside surroundings.

He is quite a sturdy little chap and ever so handsome. He is now living on the bookcase so he can see everything going on around him. I think Oliver has settled in just fine.

Lucky had a lovely surprise too, for also in the parcel was a small gift for her too. Lucky doesn't like her photo took so this is the best I could do.

She liked the yummy little bones, thanks Midge.


chris, milatos said...

Look forward to meeting Oliver, he can join our Sewing/cake club.Glad lucky liked her bone.

soggibottom said...

Ah, bless :-)
Lucky, enjoy....
As for your bear. Pleased to see he travelled home safely. :-) :-) :-)
I love it when there is a happy ending :-) X

Jude said...


Theodora quilts said...

thanks for stopping by to visit me, I am glad to see you won something it is real cute ,but just wished it would of been fabrics for you,xoxo theodora

Lois Evensen said...

How darling. :))

Theodora quilts said... Hi Judith I thought you might like to check out Jetes blog she also quilts and lives in Crete where? I don't know,hope you enjoy her blog and maybe meeting her,xoxo theodora

Teje said...

Hello Judith, I'm so happy to meet you! How nice you won Oliver, he looks nice! And your dog "Lucky" is beautiful! Hope to keep in touch!
Thank you for your visit and sweet words!
Teje from Hania

Theodora quilts said...

Hi Judith I see you met Teje ,I just wished you lived closer to each other ,but it's the same island enyway,I have some friends that are British and they just recenty bought an old house in a village called castellos if I have it right is that enywhere close to you ? they are very nice interesting people they are both artists let me know,xoxo theodora

solomi558 said...

Dear Judith , I do hope your are feeling better , No greek sunshine in your part of the world? . It,s not nice here in England , it,s cold but a little winter sunshine .Feb,. tomorrow , getting closer to Spring

I have never entered a giveaway ,nice to hear you won.--cottonreel

solomi558 said...

Hi Judith , I just tried to send you an email but no go , !

I read on another blog you have difficulty buying batting .
When living in Cyprus I used to buy batting from a factory that made quilts and duvets . look in your yellow pages cottonreel

Theodora quilts said...

Judith I just rememberd that you asked me about batting ,I get it from a craft shop that sells yarn and all that sort of stuff ,but I also went to a shop that does apolstery and he gave me the phone of his supplier he is downtown kipseli area and I will be going down there to get some at a better price 2.50 per meter,you should check out eny apolstery place near you they could order for you the thickness you want ,let me know.hope you are feeling well ,xoxo theodora

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