Saturday, 19 February 2011

I Have Stairs.


We have decided to put in stairs up to our bedroom. We used to go outside and up some outside steps to bed every night, but not anymore.

Ian set about planning and cutting out all the wood and built it all himself.





Going upstairs will never be the same again.


My new under the stairs cupboard. It hold quite a lot of stuff which is good in this house as storage has always been a problem.SV203794

Looking down from the top.  We are now using the stairs but they are not finished.SV203795

The banister rail to stop us falling over the edge.SV203797

Oh! and my new wardrobes. It is actually starting to look like a bedroom. now. I am really pleased how this has turned out.

On the crafty front.

Not much has been happening. I have a jumper to sew up and a waterfall cardigan. I haven’t done any sewing. I have crocheted a bit more of my rag rug but need to cut some more strips. Not sure how big I am going to go with this though. It is quite heavy to work with so I don’t sit at it too long.

Catch you all soon.

Judith x.


Francien said...

Well now did not sit still all the time...what a great stairs and i just love that door....i know it can be cold in the Greek winters too so a stairs inside will make a huge difference..we had to go to the toilet outside..that wasn`t all good in the winters in our pyama`s ....the wardrobes look good too...and the "crafty front" has to wait too have only two hands i guess?!... great pictures...
have a nice weekend...greetings Francien.

Lois Evensen said...

The stairs and closets look wonderful! The going outside to go up stairs reminds me of Royal Caribbean's first ship, Song of Norway, and the next couple of ships built. To go to the signature lounge, the Viking Crown, you had to go outside and up stairs to a very small lounge. It was the same on the next couple of ships, too. On a formal night while you were at sea everyone was having a bad hair day by the time they got up to the lounge. Of course, now on the new ships the Viking crown is accessible by elevator - several of them. ;)

It's nice to see you here posting again! Thanks for all the pictures.


chris said...

Wow what a lovely job Ian has done, and a nice big cupboard to put more crafting stash hehe. Cannot wait to see them and try them out x

Chris said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful addition to your home.

soggibottom said...

Well done that man :-)
I can't imagine having to go up to bed and go outside first.
You will love your new cupboard under the stairs. Mine has a sign on the door. TARDIS. It doesn't look big from the outside. But I crame alot in it :-) x x x x x
love to lucky X

Theodora quilts said...

Boy I am glad you don't have to go outside to go upstairs enymore I know how those old houses are I am so happy for you ,the storage space under the stairs, also the closet seems to have plenty of room ,your lucky to have such a handy hubby. hope all will be completed so you can get crafty.

easygardener said...

You must be pleased to have them. I have stayed in a couple of Greek properties without stairs and I never got used to it especially if I was forced to visit the bathroom during the night!
The wardrobes look lovely too.

maggi said...

What a lovely staircase. Ian is very talented.

solomi558 said...

Hello Judith , I popped by to see how you are getting along . Your stairs look really good . I,m going through a phase again of just longing to get away to sunnier climes . Very difficult for me to be positive with no one to push me . Enjoy . Spring is here----cottonreel

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