Thursday, 25 February 2010

My Knitted Afghan Finished! Now What Am I Going To Do??????????

I am really pleased with the way this has made up. It is so bright and colourful. Our dog Lucky has given it her seal of approval too.SV203098 

Lucky testing out my afghan.

I started knitting this afghan at the beginning of January. You can see my progress here, here and here. Well now it is finished apart from sewing all the ends in.


My finished afghan.

And this is the finished article. It has a crochet border and tassels.

I am surprised at how quick I have completed this. I found the pattern on Ravelry if you fancy having a go.

My Hexagon Quilt. 


My almost finished hexagon quilt.

Then, there is my hexagon quilt. This is nearly finished also. Hopefully only about another weeks work, I reckon. Then what am I going to do?

My Next Project.

Well, maybe socks or some thread painting, or a denim quilt, but there again I might finish my string quilt that I started in October last year

Another bright quilt

These are the choices that are swirling around in my head at the moment. What will I choose????


Jude said...

Finish the quilt off first..
lovely afghan, lovely dog

3anklebiters said...

your afghan is fabulous! i adore all the color and movement in it. congratulations on the finish!

Jenny said...

Yes I'm all for finishing off stuff before you start other stuff. Love the quilt and the afghan, and Lucky!

Mary said...

That was really quick! I don't knit very fast at all but I am really enjoying the socks.

I love the yellow in those string blocks.

soggibottom said...

They all very comfy. I wonder how many Lucky has tried out x x x

Judith said...

Lucky tries everything out!!!!!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

You are so right your knitted quilt does look a lot like the one posted on my blog. You do amazing work. The colors are so rich and inviting ... anyone would want to take a nap under.. I see why the puppy has staked his claim on it ;) Not to forget to mention the rest of your quilts, they are awesome ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments ;)

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